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Casey Kaplan featured in Artnet Best Gallery Booths at Art Basel


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Sarah Crowner at Casey Kaplan.Photo: Casey Kaplan.

3. Casey Kaplan Gallery

“I’m excited to be showing three women I’ve never shown before at Basel,” said Casey Kaplan when we entered the booth of his eponymous gallery. Those artists are Berlin-based Haris Epaminonda (represented by a piece of antique statuette), the paintings by N. Dash, who joined the gallery this past January, and a large black-and-white geometric abstraction by Sarah Crowner hanging on the exterior wall, which echoed work Crowner presented at Kaplan earlier this year (above).

Six gorgeously colored resin-cast works by Kevin Beasley that looked like medium-sized plastic crates, which had been peppered around the gallery, were sold as one work; it had already been placed in an important European collection. When asked about a recent New York Times article, which highlighted the difficulty of galleries to get into Basel, Kaplan, who has been coming to Basel for years, said that his mother took note. “After 20 years in the business,” said Kaplan, “it takes that article for my mother to say she’s proud of me.”