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Diego Perrone, Untitled, 2014

Diego Perrone in Frieze Magazine

Eyes and Ears

by Barbara Casavecchia

” ‘One Of These Days’, the opening track on Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Meddle, is an instrumental, save for a single sentence spoken by the drummer Nick Mason: ‘One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.’ Mason’s voice is distorted and slowed down to such a degree that it sounds like that of an evil cartoon character, and it’s hard to understand what he says, though his menacing tone is clear enough. There is an iridescent, psychedelic colour photograph of a brownish thing against a turquoise background on Meddle’s cover (designed, as numerous other Floyd covers were, by Hipgnosis); only once you open the gatefold sleeve does it become apparent that this image is actually a close-up of an ear underwater, surrounded by circular ripples that look as if they’ve been caused by sonic vibrations. Discerning whether this ear is attached to a body or has been cut off is left to the viewer’s imagination.

A self-confessed teenage fan of Pink Floyd, Diego Perrone has always been fascinated by our inborn capacity to apprehend sound, and the ways in which it can be distorted and contorted. Perrone’s approach to making art – from video and digital animation to painting and cast sculpture – is defined more by how a work is perceived visually than aurally.”