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Diego Perrone, Untitled, 2011

Diego Perrone in Mousse Magazine

text by Antonio Scoccimarro

The impulse to chase down the references, concepts and information etched within a piece of art – which might somehow justify its logical or narrative operation – is such an obvious practice that we end up in a rather complicated position as viewers when, as with the work of Diego Perrone, we find ourselves constantly grappling with the feeling that we’ve made an error in judgement, rather than finding the key to any confirmation or reassurance that there is an internal structure that follows a shared logic.

Taking for granted that the constant recurrence of certain elements should be seen as proof of a secret need to communicate something on the part of the artist, who uses the artwork to bridge the gap between his own mental symbolism and someone else ’s world, comes to be more symptomatic of an obsession, sometimes a compulsion, of the viewer, rather than a genuine need dictated by reality….