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Geoffrey Farmer, The Process, 2013. Installation view, Barbican Arts Centre, London. Photo: Alessandro Quisi

Geoffrey Farmer at Fondazione Morra Greco

Geoffrey Farmer
Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples
December 12, 2013 – January 31, 2014

Fondazione Morra Greco is proud to present the fourth and final installment of a series of exhibitions entitled Hybrid Naples: L’ordine delle idee deve procedere secondo l’ordine delle cose, featuring new solo projects by Bettina Allamoda (Berlin) and Geoffrey Farmer (Vancouver.)

For the exhibition, Farmer has further developed an ongoing project that has become a work titled The Process (2013). A projected collage of photographs – some of which were sourced in Naples, from thriftstore books and magazines – unfolds, accompanied by a soundtrack of noises, claps, timbres, patter of hooves, footsteps on gravel, in short: the kinds of sounds you might find in an audio stock library for film or radio. As the film unfolds, one notices that the images seem to be sown together not by a narrative, but the kind of algorithmic relationship one is accustomed with on the Web: i.e. “tags”, say “people walking”, or “weapons”, or both. Or animals, or “cute”, or “ruin”, or “mountains”. However these “tags” are not given away, we have to guess them, while the sounds blend them into an – illusory – whole. Reminiscent of the 1960s collage short films of Canadian avant-garde director Arthur Lipsett, the work unfolds a panorama of our collective sentiments, desires and fears, a kind of vivid phantom memory. At Fondazione Morra Greco, the work is complemented by further sculptural and audio elements.