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Geoffrey Farmer at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Geoffrey Farmer
Every day needs an urgent whistle blown into it
Art Gallery of Ontario
July 5 – September 7, 2014

“At some point in the middle of June, the working models and plaster originals that populate the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre will be lifted back into their original 1974 configuration. Unlike their bronze counterparts, these works are fragile and need the protection of a climate-controlled environment. When moved, they are at risk of forming fissures and cracks. They appear to me like figures resting in an infirmary, somewhat reminiscent of the skylit boneyard Moore created in his studio, which was the resting place for the shells, rocks and bones he collected.

Whatever you think about Moore’s works, the works in this room feel different. Here they are not monumental: they are alien creatures huddled together, existing in a kabuki space.”

–Geoffrey Farmer