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Jason Dodge, Carrier.

Jason Dodge in conversation with Caroline Knox on BOMBLOG

“Just that idea of the incredible detail of the title. Just taking the title and looking at it in a different way, and then talking about your daughter knowing how to make the strawberries levitate. And then all of a sudden you’re back in Flanders, the lowlands, and just the way in which there’s a kind of…it’s not a distance in the same vision, and a closeness in the same vision. It’s a distance with a certain flatness at times and at other times a kind of connectedness, and a detail with a kind of intimacy or also a kind of flatness. And I love that those are the sort of moments in which I’m trying to find out, in a sense, where I am. Like if there are poems of yours where I feel like I’m having a conversation, and poems of yours where I feel like I’m playing a game. And I love that feeling.”