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Jason Dodge, Detail view, The living.

Jen Graves on Jason Dodge

Jen Graves on Jason Dodge’s exhibition “What we have done.” On view at the Henry Art Gallery through January 26.

“These unspoken conversations are part of the art, too, the ones that happened as people were drying themselves off in hotel rooms or drivers were hauling newsprint back toward the factory, or every draft of the stories that appeared in those papers, or the photographs that didn’t run but that the photographer wished had. The objects in the galleries are parts of stories shared by the artist, the subject, the sculptor, and you, imagining what’s happening the way you might envision your own version of the specific world of any given novel. The future itself assembles, written down in black and white and photographed, rising up on the surfaces of these big blank rolls and going out into ears and mouths and the crawl spaces of new thoughts. All these spoken and unspoken conversations rise up around the objects in great clouds of narrative.”