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Kevin Beasley in Fader

Visual Identity: Kevin Beasley On How Sound Shapes His Art

Kevin Beasley’s studio is in the part of Long Island City that’s a far walk from any of the high street style shops, restaurants or bars. The story of how the New York based artist ended up there involves a fluid and somewhat unbelievable set of circumstances, like hearing about a rent-controlled two bedroom in the West Village. Beasley explains that as he was finishing up his year long artist-in-residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem, a collector offered him use of a largely abandoned wreck above a parking garage. He talks in detail about the work he’s put into breaking down rooms, putting up dry wall, and wiring the space for sound—something that’s become an important part of Beasley’s sculpture practice. A room in back that used to house the owner’s massive comic book collection has been left intact and turned into a fully functioning music studio.”

—Harry Gassel