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Kevin Beasley to perform at New Forms festival

September 18- 21st

Hosted by the New Forms Society and currently in its 14th year, the New Forms Festival bridges art and music in an interdisciplinary platform that includes performances, screenings, exhibitions, talks and installations by a wide range of both national and international artists.  Taking place in Science World’s iconic geodesic dome, this years festival (NFF14) will commence with presentations from Morton Subotnick (co-founder of the San Francisco Tape Music Center), Stan VanDerBeek’s Movie-Drome (1963-66), and a lecture from Gerd Stern of the media art collective USCO.  In the 1960s, at the cusp of a new digital age, artists like these developed the potential for new media to shift the trad limits of production and display.  In giving way to more experiential forms of artistic production, their efforts, or the effect of these efforts is apparent in the fluidity between the disciplines of music, design, art, technology, and industry.

New Forms Media Society is a non-profit media arts organization founded in 2000. Each year the New Forms Media Society hosts the annual New Forms Festival (NFF). Through promoting collaborations between Canadian artists, international artists, and those working in the technology sector, NFF facilitates in the production, display and growth of new media, music, film, installation, and performance art based practices. Since its inception, an integral element of the NFF is the recognition of independent and groundbreaking artists, and those contributing to a broader understanding on new genres of art making.