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Liam Gillick at The Contemporary, Austin

September 21, 2013 – January 5, 2014

In September, The Contemporary will premiere its ambitious new program of commissioning and exhibiting the works of today’s leading contemporary artists, installing them in our 9,000-square-foot museum building in the heart of downtown Austin, the Jones Center, and at our twelve-acre lakeside estate, Laguna Gloria.

Liam Gillick will engage with the rich and complex identity of Laguna Gloria, the museum’s twelve-acre site located five miles from the center of Austin and comprising a historic Italianate villa and twelve acres of lush, semi-wild landscape bordered on three sides by water. Gillick’s exhibition will consist of two elements: a meandering, loosely narrative film taken by the artist on his visits to the grounds, to be exhibited at the Jones Center, and a multicolored, powder-coated steel platform structure, created with the participation of the museum as well as local architects, engineers, and fabricators, to be installed below the villa at the border of the waterfront on Laguna Gloria’s grounds: for the discerning visitor, a surprising industrial insertion into the landscape, and for the wayward wanderer, a simple canopy for human shelter.