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Michael Turner on Brian Jungen at Kunstverein Hannover

Brian Jungen’s recently opened exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover is comprised of eight years of work, almost all of it produced since the artist’s survey at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2006. That survey, which included touring stops at the New Museum and Museum Villa Stuck, was comprised of 13 years of work, much of it drawn from the artist’s first solo exhibition—at Calgary’s Truck in 1997—forward.

While the temporal before-and-after quality of these periods—before 2006 and after—has the critical eye on contrasts between the two exhibitions, continuities pervade. Indeed, it is situations like these that remind us why an artist’s work should be assessed with respect to the larger practice, particularly an artist for whom time and space are less a linear—or divisible—construct than a dialectical one…