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N. Dash in Art in America


February 2, 2015

by Jennifer S. Li
N. Dash’s debut solo show, at New York’s Untitled gallery in 2012, included monochromatic, clay-painted, fabric-draped canvases and small photographs of tiny, frayed bits of cloth. Dash is preoccupied with material, and, more precisely, with making tactile¬†interventions upon it. For her ongoing “Commuter” drawings series, she obsessively folds and creases pieces of paper during her daily subway rides, and then, back in her studio, coats the well-worn paper in graphite powder. At the Hammer Museum, for her first one-person institutional show, Dash offers a familiar array of canvases and black-and-white photographs (all untitled and dated 2014). This new body of work remains grounded in the territory she explored in her debut show, though the ritualistic, serial aspects of her practice now aim for higher ground and approach a sense of the divine.