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Kevin Beasley, ...for this moment, this moment is yours..., 2013

Performance series organized by Kevin Beasley

Casey Kaplan is pleased to announce a series of performances organized by Kevin Beasley in conjunction with his work, …for this moment, this moment is yours…, on view from February 27 – April 26. For the work, Beasley has sourced approximately 4000 cassette tapes from family, friends, record stores and the Internet. They have been cut and spliced together to create 52 reels, holding approximately 40 hours of sound and music each. These reels exist as mixes – combinations of various sounds by a number of authors that play constantly during the gallery’s opening hours. Played through a reel-to-reel player, an incompatible device, both sides of each tape are heard at once. Interrupting even the most familiar of referents is a layered, alternate track (albeit played in reverse), an ambiguous and sometimes unintelligible sound that asserts itself as an unknown entity. Over the course of the exhibition, performances by Beasley and invited guests will occur in the space, with a live recording made on the reels. Replacing the previous recordings, these newly introduced elements contribute to the ever-evolving nature of the work and its experience; it is growing and deteriorating at the same time.

Saturday, April 26, 4pm
Kevin Beasley

Kevin Beasley’s work utilizes media including sculpture, photography, sound, and performance to navigate notions of origin. For his performance at Casey Kaplan, Beasley explores an accumulation of sounds gathered from locations with varying relationships to Beasley’s personal history – Virginia, Detroit, Cleveland and New York. Manipulated and mixed, Beasley forces these diverse experiences together into a single context. Recorded onto the reels of his work, …for this moment, this moment is yours…, they materialize as a new element that contributes to the ever-evolving nature of the work.